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Images of women like this looking blow-dried at airports are key to the michael kors discount handbags appeal of the brand. Certain themes recur when retailers talk michael kors outlet about what their customers love about Michael Kors: "The Harrods clients respond to the michael kors handbags glamorous lifestyle that the Michael Kors brand represents," says Simon Longland, Harrods' head of fashion accessories. At John Lewis, where the brand is now a top seller in both handbags and watches 每 a market where, similarly, prices of the top names have spiralled out of reach of all but the tiniest number 每 head buyer Amanda Scott feels her customer "loves the luxury lifestyle Michael Kors offers". Michael Kors Selma bag The Selma. Photograph: Josephine Schiele The Michael Kors brand is unusual in luxury in that it prides itself on being democratic. There are a michael kors crossbody handbags wide range of price points and the company's most recent high-profile hire, announced earlier this month, is the arrival of Cathy Marie Robinson as a senior vice president and global operations. Robinson, who began her career in the army, currently holds an equivalent position at Toys'R'Us. But interestingly, both Longland and Scott handbags michael kors describe the Michael Michael Kors bags as "iconic". As well as clever brand positioning and smart marketing 每 and the open goal left in the British market by the likes of Mulberry 每 the aesthetic of the Selma and Sophie bags has played a huge role in their success. Where the initial Mulberry It bags were built on utilitarian references 每 the Bayswater is a reimagining of a doctor's bag 每 the Selma michael kors handbags and the Sophie, with their nods to Herm豕s and to michael kors clearance handbags C谷line, place themselves in the lineage of sleek, international power dressing.

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"Jet set" is a phrase the brand uses frequently, and the bags merge used michael kors handbags classic travel references with their contemporary equivalents. The look is part Jackie Kennedy on the steps of Air Force One, part Miranda Kerr at michael kors handbags outlet LAX. The details are right: the gold studs on the base, a practical touch so that you can rest the bag on the floor; a printed silk lining; a phone michael kors leather handbags pocket. But the most important detail is very, very simple: the magic ?300 price tag. Michael Kors, the accessible luxury retailer best known for its leather handbags, delivered the kind of earnings report Thursday that many retailers would consider the stuff of dreams: michael kors designer handbags Revenue soared nearly 30 percent and profit rocketed 24 percent in the most recent quarter. Sales at stores open more than a year increased 8.6 percent, and online sales rose 76 percent. But investors looking toward the future are unimpressed, michael kors handbags outlet sending the company*s stock michael kors cheap handbags down nearly 4 percent in morning trading.Kors went public in December 2011, and it was on a rocket ride from the start.

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Customers were clamoring for what the company calls its ※jet-set luxury§ look 〞 $398 crossbody tote bags and $185 aviator sunglasses meant to make you feel like a fabulously wealthy executive ducking into your private plane michael kors straw handbags for a lavish michael kors factory vacation in Turks and Caicos. Kors is often credited for deeply wounding Coach, another titan of affordable luxury who suddenly found itself losing market sale michael kors handbags share to its younger rival. As its products gained buzz and the IPO gave it an infusion of capital to grow, Kors expanded aggressively, its store count mushrooming from 231 in 2011 to 703 in 2014. The company was consistently seeing stratospheric michael by michael kors handbags comparable sales growth; in the second quarter of fiscal 2013, that figure soared as high as 45 percent. And so for Kors, this most recent earnings report is still solid, but it represents a serious slowdown from even one year ago, michael kors black handbags and the michael kors factory company said its growth would continue to slow in the current quarter.

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